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General terms and conditions

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Orders and deliveries are adopted under the business relationship based on your estimated order our general business and delivery conditions we cannot give you this note and run. General terms and conditions of sale from 01.03.2010.

1. Order

Only our terms and conditions of sale from 01.03.2010, referenced in the business letters and invoices and listed on the back of quotes, order confirmations and invoices shall apply to all offers, order confirmations and contract deliveries.

Offers are subject to change.

Brochures, catalogues and other offer documents title and copyright to us.

We expressly oppose the buyer's purchasing conditions.

Sales by our staff and agreements are validated by our order confirmation or delivery.

The rights conferred by the Treaty are not transferable. Assignments are permitted only with our consent.

Our general business and sales conditions are considered part of the contract, unless the buyer contradicts in writing without delay so that a new agreement to meet.

If the buyer wants to cancel the order, this must be made within 5 days after placing the order in writing. The buyer is accountable.

Verbal collateral agreements are invalid. They always require the written confirmation of the seller. The same applies for warranted characteristics of the goods.

All offers on our Internet portal are only while supplies last. Thus sometimes individual devices / offers are no longer available.

2. Prices

The prices are plus valid on the day of delivery, statutory value added tax without further deduction.

If nothing else has been agreed, we calculate the delivery day price.

Prices advance are valid unless ordered within a reasonable period.

All prices include off-the-shelf Fürth, thus no transport ex-work prices.

All prices in our Internet portal are not binding.

3. Deliveries

Specified or required delivery dates are not fixed deadlines.

Claims can not be derived from exceeding the estimated delivery dates.

Partial deliveries are permitted; each is an independent individual effected.

The delivery dates referred to in the track business apply provided the correct and timely previous delivery through works.

The risk including a seizure to the buyer upon delivery of the goods to the forwarder or foreign carriers.

A shipping tags penalty in case of failure to collect or delayed acceptance of the delivery is not allowed for both contractual parties and in any case.

Delivery promise free unload / site requires good motorable access Nuremberg without unloading and transfer passenger.

Delivery of the goods basically go off-the-shelf Munich at the cost of the purchaser (shipping cost).

The purchaser refuses the acceptance of the goods to the seller can put in writing a grace period of 8 days the buyer. Unsuccessful after the grace period, the seller may require compensation because of default. The seller requires compensation, it is recognised with a lump sum of 15% of the purchase price.

In new return we charge a processing fee of 15% of the purchase price. This is immediately payable.

4. Guarantee

The purchaser is obliged within 10 days after delivery to tell where one goods immediately to check and deficiencies in writing, processing, use and installation exclude the warranty claim and a guarantee obligation.

Used equipment sale and used spare parts are delivered to visit excluding any warranty liability for open and hidden defects and without any warranty of properties as be vision purchase. Used equipment are sold as it is and it is.

Claims for damages based on whatever legal grounds, are excluded unless the seller would have to defend intent or gross negligence. If the seller makes changes to the delivery item, all warranty rights shall expire. Not ensure the failure of wearing parts covered in particular deficiencies as a result of natural wear and tear, excessive strain, improper or incorrect use, failure to comply with the applicable operating conditions and used equipment.

Legitimate deficiencies by repair, replacement or credit in mutual consultation.

If and insofar as a manufacturer or supplier has given an own factory warranty, this applies primarily under assignment of claims against the factory to the buyer.

All warranty claims of the buyer and customers from commodities become time-barred six months after the delivery and without regard to the Werksgarantie period granted by the manufacturer or supplier.

5. Terms of payment

Our invoices are payable unless agreed otherwise 20 days after delivery to pay in cash without any deductions.

With regard to the discounting, please refer to the individual invoices.

Discount in deduction can be associated with Exchange regulations.

Repair bills are due after receipt of the invoice immediately NET to pay.

In exceedances of the term of payment we charge interest on arrears.

Interest rates are the usual sets of credit institutions, but at least 8% above the discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The buyer is entitled to claims against us, we are entitled to charge value.

The buyer with an undisputed or legally established counterclaim may set off against our claims.

Discount-enabled change be payment of a debt due to explicit agreement by us and to payment instead adopted.

Submitted change sections are reserved subject to the payment on the due date. Cheques will be credited with the value of the date on which we have the equivalent.

Costs for negotiation and collection to take by the buyer.

We compensate for earlier still outstanding invoices under rejection discount when paying bills later date.

Serious and significant concerns about the willingness to pay, creditworthiness or solvency of the purchaser arising after conclusion of the contract we may require advance payments or security seller before delivery and amendment of the agreement, or withdraw from the contract.

6. Retention of title

Delivery on account constitutes respect and our proprietary rights agreement.

Supplies remain in accordance with the legal meeting and caused by the constant Kreditanspruchsnahme of the right to make full payment all our future claims against the buyer from the business relationship with payment designated individual invoices, our property as long as the account including the ongoing exchange obligations is not paid and the account balance "Zero" designates.

Pledging or transferring the goods delivered by us to retention of title is prohibited the buyer.

Of balance of account and the early payment of ongoing change sections, the existing property rights go fully transferred to the purchaser.

The buyer is entitled to sell the goods in the ordinary and normal part of its business.

The purchaser is obliged under retention of title resell the goods delivered by us as far as possible. The demand of the buyer from the resale of the reserved goods against the third party purchaser considered until its payment to us in advance assigned. The buyer is entitled to withdraw to collect claims from the resale; He may not have such claims by assignment to third parties. Legitimate request and if the purchaser is obliged, the name and address of the third-party purchaser known admit.

Where in the retention of title charged goods loaded or processed is, the working or processing, stating the reasons a custody relationship for us is made. The co-ownership of the new object in proportion to the value of our reserved goods to us in processing, connection and mixing with other not belonging to us goods by the buyer. The buyer keeps the co-ownership for the seller. The assignment of the claim from the resale shall apply in these cases in the amount of the invoice value of the goods.

The goods used by the customer to meet a plant or factory service and incorporated, the claims arising from the plant or factory supply in the value of the fracture of the goods in advance assigned with all auxiliary calculations, including any claims for damages to us. Default in payment, the purchaser is obliged admit advance assignment known his third party purchaser.

Delivery of goods we are in default of payment and entitled payment concerns still openly put in advance claims.

Immediately inform us attachments and any other type of constraint our property rights.

Non-payment or non-compliance with the adopted agreement we are entitled to prohibit the resale of the goods delivered under retention of title or to request transfer of direct possession to us under cost of the buyer.

In ownership and repossession of goods delivered with ownership reserved for the purpose of securing the claim as ensuring represents a violation of the rights nor illegal equity power by us.

We are creating billing entitled with relief from the law discretion resell the repossessed equipment.

Damage or other interfering of devices delivered to retention of title, the buyer in advance assigns it deserves from a device insurance damage claims against the insurance amount damage or breakdown of our reserved property to us.

The value exceeds US granted total collateral from the ongoing business connection our account receivables by more than 20%, we are obliged upon request of the buyer to release of the excess backup.

7. Place of jurisdiction

Place of performance is Fürth (Bavaria). The requirements of § 38 ZPO are for a jurisdiction agreement, the parties agree the jurisdiction of the District Court Nuremberg or the Landgericht Nürnberg. German law is applicable in principle.

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